Blue Ridge Chapter

National Railway Historical Society

White Elephant Guidelines

Blue Ridge Chapter, NRHS Presents

The 39th Annual Lynchburg Rail Day 2018

9 am – 3 pm, Saturday August 11, 2018

Boonsboro Ruritan Club

1065 Coffee Road {State Route 644} Lynchburg, Virginia 24503


Lynchburg Rail Day 2018 White Elephant Table

Guidelines Information And Release Form

Thank you for your interest in allowing the Blue Ridge Chapter, NRHS, to sell your railroad related items on a consignment basis.  There is no limit on how many items you can consign as long as these guidelines are followed.  The “White Elephant Table” is open to everyone! You do not need to be a Blue Ridge Chapter, NRHS member to consign your items.  We don’t collect a consignment fee if we don’t sell your item{s}.  Listing is free!  What do you have to lose?  Make money while you browse our show, PAID LRD 2018 TRAIN SHOW ADMISSION REQUIRED, and we do the selling!  Our chapter will be accepting railroad related items for consignment at our designated White Elephant Table “check-in” area at the Boonsboro Ruritan Club, 1065 Coffee Road {Va. St. Rt. 644}. Turn at Dollar General, off US 501 North, Lynchburg, Va. 24503.  Go to for detailed directions to this location.  Do not rely solely on GPS maps to get to the Boonsboro Ruritan Club!  The GPS maps may be incorrect!  “Check in” times are Friday, August 10, 2018 from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm and Saturday, August 11, 2018 from 8:00 am to 10:00 am.  These are the only times that there will be White Elephant Table workers available to help you check in your items.  Please note that there will be no items checked in unless you have your items clearly priced and marked as described in the following guidelines.  



  1. 1. All items must be railroad related.  Examples include, but not limited to photos/slides, model railroad locomotives, rolling stock, track, transformers, structures, railroad memorabilia, lanterns, locks, keys, china, timetables, etc.  Scale model kits or built up cars, trucks, boats and airplanes are gladly accepted.  We love railroad tugboats!  NO MAGAZINES will be accepted unless they are securely bundled and priced by the BUNDLE.  Collectible hard and soft cover books are encouraged and gladly accepted.

    2.            All items must be clearly identified with the seller’s three initials and an item number written on a price sticker secured to the item for sale.

    3.            A master list to be left with the White Elephant Table staff must include what your three initials are, item description, item number, and the selling price.  You must price your items.  This is not an auction.  There are no exceptions.  No master list, no consignment.  Please have your name, address, phone numbers and email address clearly printed on your master list so you can be contacted about any future shows.

    4.            Consignment fees: 20% of the seller’s “marked” price.  There will be a minimum commission payable to the Blue Ridge Chapter of $1.00 per item or group of items.

                            Example 1: A single item has the selling price of $10.00.  If sold, the seller received $8.00 and the Blue Ridge Chapter, NRHS receives $2.00

                            Example 2: A single item has the selling price of $4.00.  20% of $4.00 is $.80.  Since the  minimum handling charge is $1.00, if this item is sold, the seller will receive $3.00.  It is recommended to bag groups of small loose or inexpensive items together to sell them as   a single item.  This may save you money by avoiding multiple minimum handling charges.  No charge to you if we don’t sell your item{s}.  

    Please mark all of your prices using whole dollar amounts.

    5.            Any unsold items not picked from the White Elephant Table by the end of the show will become the property of the Blue Ridge Chapter, NRHS.

    6.            Instructions for receiving payment: The White Elephant Table closes at 3:00 pm the day of the show.  Sellers may collect the money due to them after the White Elephant Table workers finish calculating the money due to you from the sales of your items.  This will take place as close to 3:00 pm as possible depending on when the White Elephant Table workers get the Blue Ridge Chapter, NRHS commissions calculated.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  The White Elephant Table workers don’t have time to calculate your portion during the day. You can pick up your items at any time providing that there is someone available to help you check your sold items off of your master list.  If you are unable to pick up your money, a check will be mailed to you if you supply a SASE.

    7.            Disclosure Statement:

              Every precaution will be taken to assure the safe handling of your items.  Brass locomotives and other expensive items will be shown only with the assistance of a White Elephant Table staff member.  If an item needs to be test run, it will only be done with a White Elephant Table staff member or seller present.  No exceptions will be made.

              The Boonsboro Ruritan Club, the National Railway Historical Society, the Blue Ridge Chapter, NRHS or any member of these organizations assume no responsibility for incorrectly priced, damaged, or stolen items.  The risk rests entirely upon the seller/consignor.

    Thank you for allowing the Blue Ridge Chapter, NRHS to consign your railroad items. Lynchburg Rail Day 2018 Train Show Coordinator: Norris Deyerle, Questions?  Email Norris at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Cell Phone: 434-851-0151 daily.     

    I have read and understand the guidelines and regulations written above and agree with them as written. I have paid the LRD 2018 admission fee.

    Signed:  __________________________________________     Date: _________________

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