By-Laws Summary


The Blue Ridge Chapter NRHS is a non-profit educational and historical organization incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  View our complete chapter By-Laws.


The Blue Ridge Chapter NRHS offers membership in two classes:

•    Regular membership, for individuals 16 years of age or older

•    Family membership, which is available for the spouse and/or children (18 years old or younger) of a member


•    Dues for the NRHS are set by the National Board of Directors. Dues for the Blue Ridge Chapter are set by the membership at a level calculated to cover Chapter expenses.

    Current (August 2012) annual chapter dues are $49


•    The President is charged with the responsibility of managing the Chapter. He conducts business meetings and is the program chairman, although this duty may be delegated to other officers or members. He oversees the duties of other officers and ensures the Chapter's adherence to its basic objectives as an educational and historical organization.

•    The Vice President fulfills the duties of the President whenever he is unable to perform them, and other duties as assigned to him by the President. He is responsible for maintaining membership records, certifying new members to the NRHS, distributing annual membership forms, collecting membership dues, and conveying these dues to the Chapter Treasurer.
•    The Secretary maintains accurate and complete records of the actions of the Chapter including recording the minutes of all regular and special meetings of the Chapter. The Secretary communicates with the members and carries on the correspondence of the Chapter.
•    The Treasurer is charged with the responsibility of handling and managing the monies of the Chapter.  He is expected to report the financial status of the Chapter to the membership at each regular meeting.
•    The National Director represents the Blue Ridge Chapter at any meetings of the Board of Directors of the NRHS and is also responsible for all liaison activities between the NRHS and the Blue Ridge Chapter.

    Current e-mail addresses for our chapter officers can be found on our contacts page.


•    Executive Committee - The sitting officers, (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and National Director), along with the immediate past President and the Editor of the Chapter Newsletter, shall constitute the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is authorized to take emergency actions when a general Chapter meeting is not possible and shall also act as a General Short- and Long-Range Planning Committee of the Chapter.
•    Nominating Committee - The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee prior to the end of the September regular meeting of the Chapter to prepare a slate of candidates for officers for election at the October annual meeting. No less than three regular members shall serve on the nominating committee.

Full Text: See Blue Ridge Chapter By-Laws