50th Anniversary Reflections

Blue Ridge NRHS

Skip Hansberry

Blue Ridge Chapter snapshot memories.  - Skip “Groundhog” Hansberry

- 1978  Walking into the Bonanza Steakhouse for my first Blue Ridge Chapter meeting.  A stranger offered his hand and said "Hi. I'm Ed Fielding, we're glad to have you here."

- 1980?  Helping people up into the Best Friend of Charleston as SR 219 raced past with brand new GP50's on the point.

- 1982  Trip to Monongahela with Ed, Ricky, Jim King.

- Chapter tour of the facilities at Clifton Forge.

- 1985  Freezing on the bank waiting on the R.F.&P. at Ruther Glen with Lee, Ricky, Jeff, and Roy.

- 1986  Pacing a S-S freight with GP40 6739 in the lead at 70+mph near Skippers, Virginia in Jeff Thaxton's blue Volvo.

- 1987  Spotting our first CSX unit (GE 5502) in the snow at Alleghany.

- 1987  Trip with Roy, Ricky, David Heider, David Leonard to Frisco, Speers Ferry when "Old Blue" broke down.

- Trip to Hudson River with David Leonard, Lee, Ricky, Roy.

- Chapter trip to N&W dispatching center at Crewe.

- Chapter trip to Roanoke dispatching center.

- Chapter trip to Union Station, Ivy City facilities.

- Meetings at Kemper Street when we'd run out to watch 203 roll by, then hang around for #19. (or vice versa)